It's in the bag...

If you use us for your wedding or event then you will get to meet the most important member of the Funky Sunflower team....The Bag

The Bag - open in case of emergency!

This bag looks like any other bag but what's inside could well save the day for you or your guests should anything go wrong. 

Laddered your tights? No problem - we've spare tights and clear nail varnish for emergency mends

Getting a bit hot and sweaty as the nerves kick in before you take the stage? No problem, we've a range of body sprays and anti persepirant sprays

You'll also find sewing kits, screwdrivers, a hammer, duct tape, tweezers, brushes, talc, paracetamol,  hair spray, gels, lotions, potions and tools for any and every drama. 

And yes the tools are kept in a gold Dolce & Gabbana make up bag...well I am a girl afterall :)

Why is that important? Well your event is a big deal, no matter what it is, and we want everyone to have an amazing experience with you - and you can't do that with a ladder in your tights can you!