Funky Sunflower Events


The most important member of our Team!

Meet The Bag - he needs capital letters because he is that important (I don't know why he's a he, but he is) in fact, He's the most important member of our team...and no matter what event we work with you on, you'll see Him. 

He's quiet and is usually found sitting around just waiting for someone to call on Him. He never makes a fuss but has come to the rescue of many a man and woman in distress.

The Bag - open in case of emergency!

I know what you're thinking right, He's handsome enough but really, why the big deal? Well what lurks inside this stripey exterior is the stuff of legend....gaffa tape, cable ties, scissors, craft knives....

(I better move on cos at present this sounds like a kill bag that Dexter would use) 

There's nail varnish, Rennies (other indigestion tablets are available), sticky tape, body spray, plasters, water, tissues, screwdrivers, stationery, pins, pompoms and probably a hip flask full of rum! 

The list goes on and on...and on...and on - but you still are wondering what the heck I'm wittering on about it. 

Well The Bag is full of essential kit to avert any crisis that may appear - from laddering tights (clear nail varnish will fix that) to a button popping off your shirt (the sewing kit will sort that, but don't ask Bec to do it, cos she's can't sew) to trailing cables (gaffa tape) red wine stains (salt) and more, and yes the tools are kept in a gold D&G make up bag...everything has the right to feel pretty!

You see, being an event manager means that the littlest detail is big business so it's essential that you know that we have everything in hand so you can kick back and enjoy yourself.

So next time you see Him, don't ignore him - you never know, one day he could be leaping into action to help you!