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Dance in the Rain

When it comes to your wedding, you’ll have everything planned to the enth degree; catering, guest lists, seating plans and more…but the one thing you have no control over is the weather.

Mother Nature has a way of throwing a spanner in the works no matter what time of year (or which part of the World) you choose for your celebrations so what can you do to make sure the wet weather doesn’t dampen the mood?

Wedding in the Rain

The best thing you can do is plan for rain and then embrace it if it happens - you know the old saying “plan for the worst, hope for the best” - never has that been more appropriate than on your wedding day, get back up plans in place just in case.

Here are some of our tips for making the most of a rainy day:

1 - For some couples being outdoors isn’t the be all and end all, but if you have booked a venue because of their grounds then you need to check with them what their back up plan is! Do they have a marquee available? Can the ceremony be moved inside and if so do you need extra decor for that part of the day? Do they have umbrellas for guests? Can cars drop guests (and you) close to the entrance to avoid frizzy hair, splashed stockings and runny mascara!

2 - Work with your suppliers. They’re the experts and will have worked on a wet wedding many times so they will be able to guide you on what plans you need in place. Can you double up and use decor from the wedding breakfast in the ceremony room if you need to be indoors? Is there space for that ice cream trike inside rather than in the garden. Can the caterer provide a gazebo so the hog roast doesn’t suffer…don’t be afraid to ask the question, forewarned is forearmed after all.

3 - Keep an eye on a detailed forecast…yes you might have rain but you might be lucky enough to get a couple of hours grace when you can get your guests outside from some fresh air and some outdoor photographs. Ask you photographer for their suggestions and don’t be afraid to tell them you want to wait for some group shots in a couple of hours when the weather might be better!

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4 - Think of what you like at home when the weather takes a turn for the worse…you light the fire, get a throw out and snuggle up. Hire (or buy and then resell) blankets, brollies and even personalised ponchos for your guests. We adore this pastel range from Brolly Bucket

5 - Get Your Wellies On - who doesn’t love a good splodge in puddles?! Ditch your brogues or heels and get comfy in some wellington boots. Stick with the traditional or embrace the fun side of things with some colourful boots or maybe opt for some extra special wedding wellingtons - we love these Evercreatures I Do Tall Wellies

6 - Embrace It - it’s the most important and exciting day of your life but remember it’s not just about the wedding day itself, this is just the start of your adventure together as a married couple so relax, embrace it, get creative with your photos and enjoy! Encourage everyone out to dance in the rain and celebrate in style!