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When you think of an event you probably think of something big that involves large budgets and manpower. Think again! An event doesn’t have to be huge…or expensive…but they do need to be included in your marketing strategy.

There is something that makes events marketing different from other forms of marketing. According to Karen Hartline, event manager of Mashable, “There’s something different about meeting face-to-face and having a conversation that’s not delayed or happening through Facebook messages or limited to 140 characters”.

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Think about it for a minute -  you’ll be surrounded by potential customers in a confined area. It provides the perfect place to mingle with customers and, in return, they can ask questions and get an immediate response. You can market to them directly and because they’re at your event you know they’ll be receptive. You can’t do this with other traditional marketing tools such as TV, radio, print media and other forms of advertising, can you?

It gives you the opportunity to establish a relationship with customers on a more personal level. They get to see, touch, smell, or taste your products, and see the face behind the business.

If you’re a restaurant then you could look at running a VIP taster evening when you launch a new menu – just pick some of your most loyal brand ambassadors and invite them along for a treat.

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If you’re a kitchen fitter then how about an open evening to show off your designs at your showroom

If you’re an accountant – how about a mini conference where you bring together others in, and around, your field to discuss the latest trends and technology and position yourself as the expert

So in a World that’s now dominated by content marketing and customer engagement, there’s really nothing more beneficial!

And don’t worry if you don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to plan and execute something exciting, there are plenty of event management companies around who can help you deliver the perfect event leaving you to enjoy it...and we think we're the best ones to help you! 

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