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Event Management

Wirral based Event Management, Conference Management and event planning and co-ordination services across the UK. Go all inclusive for the full funky experience or pick and mix the elements you need to build the perfect event for you at the perfect price! 

Award Nights & Gala Dinners
Christmas Parties

Events should be a key part of your marketing strategy but we appreciate you might not have the time, knowledge or desire to plan and execute something exciting to get people talking. 

That's why we're here - we'll work with you to develop events that will place you firmly in the front of the minds of your potential clients,  increase staff motivation and trigger performance improvement.

We'll tailor the level of support to match your needs and your budget meaning you won't be out of pocket. 

So if you've got an event in mind or would like to find out more how events can help your business - no matter what the size - get in touch and book a free consultation.  


Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service Passing Out Parade 2015 

Product Launches & Showcase Events
Conference & Sales Meetings
Design Crumbs Article

carnival cruise on the river dee, 2015

carnival cruise on the river dee, 2015

Thorney Motorsport/Zenith Online BTCC partnership launch event in Liverpool

Heart Awards - recognising local heroes in North Wales - Picture courtesy of For Every Occasion